2017 Clinical Distinction Recognitions

Please join the Department of Medicine in congratulating our 2017 Clinical Distinction honorees.

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Anderson, Albert Sr. Physician
Blake, William Sr. Physician
Brandt, Stephen Sr. Physician
Burklin, Yelena Sr. Physician
Chawla, Saurabh Sr. Physician
Clarke, Karen Sr. Physician
Cobb, Jason Sr. Physician
Connor, Michael Sr. Physician
Dayamani, Priya Sr. Physician
Desai, Dhaval Sr. Physician
Dhere, Tanvi Sr. Physician
Ford, Ryan Sr. Physician
Friedman-Moraco, Rachel Sr. Physician
Harrison, Melanie Sr. Physician
Holland, David Sr. Physician
Hoskins, Michael Sr. Physician
Iqbal, Ayesha Sr. Physician
Kandiah, Sheetal Sr. Physician
Kelley, Colleen Sr. Physician
Kim, James Sr. Physician
Lahiri, Cecile Sr. Physician
Lipson, Aliza Sr. Physician
Majesko, Alyssa Sr. Physician
Masaad, Julia Sr. Physician
Murphy, David Sr. Physician
Nguyen, Minh Sr. Physician
O’Donnell, Christopher Sr. Physician
Ofotokun, Igho Sr. Physician
Pullin, Patrick Sr. Physician
Qayed, Emad Sr. Physician
Reshamwala, Preeti Sr. Physician
Rouphael, Nadine Sr. Physician
Sakaria, Sonali Sr. Physician
Sebastian, Kavya Sr. Physician
Sheth, Anandi Sr. Physician
Srivatsa, Sumathi Sr. Physician
Sueblinvong, Viranuj Sr. Physician
Tiliakos, Athan Sr. Physician
Varkey, Jay Sr. Physician
Watters, Leslie Sr. Physician
Wu, Henry Sr. Physician
Cassimatis, Dimitri Sr. Physician
Cutchins, Alexis Sr. Physician
Dickert, Neal Sr. Physician
Higdon, Jason Sr. Physician
Hoque, Azizul Sr. Physician
Jaber, Wissam Sr. Physician
Jokhadar, Maan Sr. Physician
Jones, Danielle Sr. Physician
Laskar, Sonjoy Sr. Physician
Linefsky, Jason Sr. Physician
Livingston, Schuyler Sr. Physician
Lloyd, Mike Sr. Physician
Ogunniyi, Modele Sr. Physician
Rab, Tanveer Sr. Physician
Rimler, Eva Sr. Physician
Shah, Shabnam Sr. Physician
Silver, Heather Sr. Physician
Stoltz, Christine Sr. Physician
Vohra-Khullar, Pamela Sr. Physician
Wells, Bryan Sr. Physician
Allam, Joanne Shirine Dist. Physician
Atkinson, Karen Dist. Physician
Blumberg, Henry Dist. Physician
Bowen, Patrick Dist. Physician
Brownfield, Erica Dist. Physician
Bussey-Jones, Jada Dist. Physician
Christie, Jennifer Dist. Physician
Cranman, Jerard S. Dist. Physician
Cribbs, Sushma Dist. Physician
Dollar, Allen Dist. Physician
Esper, Annette Dist. Physician
Gaynes, Robert Dist. Physician
Goebel, Stephan Dist. Physician
Goyal, Abhinav Dist. Physician
Jacob, Jesse Dist. Physician
Jacobs, Sol Dist. Physician
Jarrett, Thomas L. Dist. Physician
Keilin, Steven Dist. Physician
Kozarsky, Phyllis Dist. Physician
Lerakis, Stam Dist. Physician
Marconi, Vincent Dist. Physician
Mavromatis, Kreton Dist. Physician
Mehta, Aneesh Dist. Physician
Miller, Lesley Dist. Physician
Moanna, Abeer Dist. Physician
Niyyar, Vandana Dist. Physician
Parekh, Samir Dist. Physician
Propp, David Dist. Physician
Searles, Charles Dist. Physician
Smith Jr., Willie Dist. Physician
Smith, Dustin Dist. Physician
Someren, James Dist. Physician
Srinivasan, Shanthi Dist. Physician
Subramanian, Ram Dist. Physician
Tangpricha, Vin Dist. Physician
Turton, Frederick E. Dist. Physician
Willingham, Field Dist. Physician
Wongtrakool, Cherry Dist. Physician
Zafari, Maziar Dist. Physician
Zreloff, Jennifer Dist. Physician
El Chami, Mikhael Dist. Physician
Armstrong, Wendy Master Clinician
Bailey, James Lynch Master Clinician
Bergquist, Sharon H. Master Clinician
Bornstein, William Master Clinician
Branch, William Master Clinician
Cai, Qiang Master Clinician
Collop, Nancy Master Clinician
DelRio, Carlos Master Clinician
Dressler, Dan Master Clinician
Fisher, Micah Master Clinician
Graves, Taylor Master Clinician
Gunthel, Clifford Master Clinician
Krakow, David Master Clinician
Lea, Janice Master Clinician
Martin, Greg Master Clinician
Masor, Jonathan Master Clinician
Partin, Clyde Master Clinician
Pastan, Stephen Master Clinician
Phillips, Lawrence Master Clinician
Plummer, Alan Master Clinician
Ribner, Bruce Master Clinician
Roberts, David Master Clinician
Schlanger, Lyn Master Clinician
Sevransky, Jonathan Master Clinician
Smith, Andrew Master Clinician
Sperling, Larry Master Clinician
Steinberg, James Master Clinician
Sweeney, Mary Ellen Master Clinician
Waltuck, Jonathan Master Clinician
Winawer, Neil H. Master Clinician
Workowski, Kimberly Master Clinician
Eaton, Molly Master Clinician
Book, Wendy Master Clinician
Douglas, John Master Clinician
Morris, Douglas Master Clinician

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