Resident Spotlight: Eva Simanyi Clay

Eva and Buzz

Eva Simanyi Clay, MD (PGY-2) was born and raised in Hungary. After immigrating to the United States, she completed her undergraduate studies at Auburn University and medical school at University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Eva comes from a family with three sisters and a mathematician father, who initially inspired her to pursue a career in mathematics. Ultimately, after “coming to her senses,” she decided to pursue a career in medicine instead.

Eva is interested in several areas of medicine–particularly the fields of infectious diseases, critical care medicine, and general medicine. In the past year, she has learned that she is not yet ready to commit to specializing in any one organ system–she prefers to treat the patient as a whole–and she loves Atlanta’s diverse patient population, especially at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Eva and her husband, Buzz (an aerospace engineer at Georgia Tech), are parents to a psychotic cat named “Mazsi.” Mazsi has been known to lock them out of the house by turning the deadbolt. The deadbolt is now taped, but there are claw marks on the tape from the cat’s attempts to escape.

Eva walks Mazsi on a leash and harness, but this does not stop Mazsi from climbing trees. On occasion, poor Buzz has had to scramble up the tree after the insane leashed cat. Buzz is an awesome computer hacker, and Eva is one by proxy—so good that they still run Linux as an OS!

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