Highlighted Endocrinology Fellow: Farah Khan

Farah Khan, MD

Farah Khan, MD

Farah Khan, MD ultimately chose to pursue a fellowship in endocrinology for several reasons. She grew up watching her father, who had a normal BMI, suffer from the many complications of diabetes, despite his dedicated efforts to keep the condition and his health under control. Over the course of her residency, her interest in diabetes and nutrition grew as she witnessed more and more patients suffering from the complications of poorly controlled diabetes and obesity. Additionally, Dr. Khan knew she wanted to focus on endocrinology because of the human endocrine system’s impact on the health of the entire body—she has always found it fascinating that our bodies’ hormones contribute to so many behind-the-scenes processes that we all take for granted.

“I chose Emory for my fellowship because Emory’s Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Lipids has so many great opportunities and amazing faculty mentors,” she said. “I worked closely with some of the faculty throughout my residency, and I knew that this was the place and that these were the people I wanted to continue my training with.”

Dr. Khan hopes to learn as much as she can during her fellowship, so as to build the best possible foundation for her future career as an endocrinologist. Her most passionate interest is addressing the growing burden of diabetes in the developing world—particularly in India. She hopes that, long-term, she will be able to figure out how to integrate her love of writing, interest in the endocrine system, and her passions for teaching and global health into her endocrinology career. She also works as a freelance health and science writer, and her work has been featured in The Daily Beast, The Atlantic, and Vox.com among a number of other publications.

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