Congratulations to this year’s Emory 1% honorees

Introduced in 2012, the Emory 1% identifies the faculty principal investigators (from any school) whose grant applications have been ranked by the NIH in the top 1%:

Kathy Griendling, PhD (Division of Cardiology)

Kathy Griendling, PhD (Division of Cardiology)

Emory University School Medicine:

  • Kathy Griendling (Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiology)
  • Hanjoong Jo
  • Hui Mao
  • Adam Marcus
  • Amir Rezvan
  • Alejandra San Martin
  • Raymond Schinazi
  • Stephen Traynelis
  • Lily Yang

Rollins School of Public Health:

  • Kelli Hall
  • Kate Winskell