Featured Clinician: Patrick Bowen

Patrick Bowen, MD

Patrick Bowen, MD

Emory Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Lipids

Tell us about yourself.
I joined the Emory endocrinology division in 2000 after finishing my medical training at Duke University. My professional focus is in clinical management of diabetes mellitus and osteoporosis, and I’ve been service chief of the Emory Clinic’s endocrinology practice since 2002.

Why did you go into medicine?
Medicine is never boring, and it provides a unique perspective into understanding human behavior. Building and maintaining long-term relationships with patients is a privilege, and it has made me a better parent, spouse, son, teacher, and friend.

What does “clinical excellence” mean to you?
Bringing warmth, empathy, and patience to each patient interaction; staying up-to-date and encouraging innovation in your field; conveying your enthusiasm for the practice of medicine and sharing your expertise with trainees; participating in efforts to improve quality of care and all aspects of the physician-patient experience.

You serve as chair of the DOM’s Clinical Distinctions Committee. Tell us a little more about this program.

The Clinical Distinctions program sprung from the realization by Department of Medicine leadership that we have a large group of Emory faculty members who spend the majority of their professional time providing exemplary clinical care to patients in Atlanta and well beyond. While I suspect that many of us who fall into that category consider it an honor in itself to provide this care, there’s also a realization that this degree of clinical involvement may make it more challenging to meet some of the benchmarks of professional development and recognition on the traditional promotion and tenure tracks. The titles of Senior Physician, Distinguished Physician, and Master Clinician are tangible recognitions of the contributions and clinical excellence demonstrated by our faculty in the areas of patient care, innovation, citizenship, and administration.

Dogs or cats?
I was raised with dogs (and love them), but my two daughters have since convinced me of the superiority of felines. We have two – Dinah and Pete.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Dictations – just kidding! I like to cook and entertain; have a pretty big vegetable garden; and like swimming, jazz, reading, and travel.



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