Featured Researcher: Jinhu Wang

Jinhu Wang, PhD

Jinhu Wang, PhD is an assistant professor of medicine in the Emory University Division of Cardiology. Dr. Wang received his PhD in developmental biology at the Chinese Academy of Science and completed his postdoctoral research training with Dr. Kenneth Poss at Duke University. His broad research goal is to understand how regenerative responses to injury have been optimized in non-mammalian vertebrates like zebrafish in order to identify potential targets that are responsible for regenerative deficiencies in mammals.

The coronary vasculature supplies oxygen and nutrients to a large region of myocardium, and re-vascularization is considered an important step for heart recovery. Adult zebrafish have a dense coronary vasculature, and regenerated myofibers become re-vascularized in a few weeks. Using this model, Dr. Wang investigates the molecular mechanisms of coronary re-vascularization during heart regeneration by utilizing genetic manipulation and live imaging techniques. His results will provide insight into the cardiac repair process in mammals. In his free time, Dr. Wang enjoys traveling, hiking, tennis, fishing, and swimming.


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