Featured Researcher: Alexis Bender

Alexis Bender, PhD

Alexis Bender, PhD is an assistant professor in the Emory University Division of General Medicine and Geriatrics. Her research highlights the ways health trajectories impact relationships as well how interactions with health care providers influence perceptions of life events. Additionally, Dr. Bender’s research focuses on relationships over the life course, including patient-provider interactions, social and intimate relationships following spinal cord injury, and issues of sexuality among older adults. Her future research will continue to explore the psychosocial aspects of injury and recovery across patients, health professionals, and families over time. Dr. Bender received her PhD in sociology and a gerontology certificate from Georgia State University. After completing her PhD, Dr. Bender had a unique opportunity to work with the Army Public Health Center in Maryland conducting mixed methods research and evaluation of social and behavioral health concerns (e.g., behavioral health access, suicide, violence) among active-duty soldiers.

Dr. Bender enjoys spending her free time with friends and family. She also loves baking, running, and traveling whenever possible.

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