Emory cardiologist trains physicians overseas

Tanveer Rab, MD is an associate professor of medicine in the Emory University Division of Cardiology. He also serves as an interventional cardiologist at Emory University Hospital, practicing in the Emory Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory and at Emory cardiology clinics across metro Atlanta. Over the years, Dr. Rab has traveled to several countries to assist with innovative research and provide training to the next generation of care-givers. Some of his work overseas has included:
  • Served as a course co-director at the University of Nanjing in China (2015-2016)
    • Taught a course on complex coronary disease subset of Left Main and Bifurcation Interventions
    • Provided training to local Chinese interventional cardiologists and learned from them.
  • Invited guest by the European Bifurcation Club to collaborate with French and Italian colleagues. As part of this project, Dr. Rab published manuscripts and helped to develop research standards regarding the best management of complex coronary and left main bifurcation lesions.
  • In his native Pakistan, Dr. Rab worked with the Pakistan Cardiac Society to develop an interventional fellowship program and a certification exam.
More about Dr. Rab

Tanveer Rab, MD

S. Tanveer Rab, MD received his MD in 1979 from the University of Karachi – Pakistan. From 1980-1983, he trained in the United Kingdom at Hammersmith Hospital, London; Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle; and the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh. From 1983-1986, he completed residency training in internal medicine at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. Dr. Rab trained at Emory University between 1986-1990 in cardiology and interventional cardiology. From 1991-1998, he developed an extensive system of satellite cardiology clinics in North Georgia, joining the Emory faculty in 1998. Read more




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