Learn more about Emory’s Antibiotic Resistance Center

Since its formation, the Emory Antibiotic Resistance Center (ARC) has been battling a foe that threatens many of the modern miracles of medicine: the rise of bacterial strains resistant to multiple forms of antibiotics, including so-called “drugs of last resort.” Watch a short video about the Emory ARC

David Weiss, PhD, the center’s director, describes the center as a collection of experts from diverse disciplines, including clinicians, basic scientists, epidemiologists, all working together focused to combat the problem of antibiotic resistance.

“There have been traditional walls between the basic scientists, the clinicians, and the clinical microbiology lab, and we’ve broken down those walls.” Weiss himself is a microbiologist, but as center director he is leading a team to tackle what many call one of the biggest health care challenges of our time.

James Hughes, MD, is an infectious diseases expert and co-director of the center. “This problem of antibiotic resistance is here to stay, but it has become particularly severe recently because of the emergence of these so-called ‘super-bugs,’ multiply-drug-resistant bacteria that cause very severe and life-threatening infections for which in some cases there is no currently effective antibiotic available.”


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