Featured Researcher: Kusuma Pokala

featured-researcher-10-11-16Kusuma Pokala is a student at Emory University School of Medicine with an expected graduation date of May 2017. Her interest in the field of gastroenterology began during her first year of medical school and has deepened over the years. In her fourth year, Kusuma began investigating the incidence, survival, and markers of regional lymph node metastasis in different types of gastric tumors (under the guidance of Dr. Field F. Willingham). With increasing advances in endoscopy, this information is essential in determining which patients are good candidates for endoscopic resection. This fall, she is applying to internal medicine residency programs with the goal of completing a Gastroenterology fellowship after residency. Outside of research, she enjoys trying new recipes, traveling, and hiking.

Learn more about Kusuma’s work at the 9th annual Department of Medicine Research Day on Friday, 10/28 in Emory’s Cox Hall Ballroom, where she will present “Predictors of lymph node involvement in early stage gastric adenocarcinoma in the United States.”


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