Featured Researcher: Matthew Topel

Matthew Topel, MD

Matthew Topel, MD, MSc

Matthew Topel, MD, MSc is a clinical research fellow in the Division of Cardiology. He is primarily based in the Emory Clinical Cardiovascular Research Institute (ECCRI) under the mentorship of Dr. Arshed Quyyumi, and he also has a dual appointment at Morehouse School of Medicine in the Cardiovascular Research Institute (CVRI) as the Postdoctoral Fellow for the American Heart Association’s Strategically Focused Research Network on Health Disparities. Dr. Topel is interested in the various factors that increase or decrease risk of cardiovascular disease, primarily in disadvantaged populations. His current projects include characterizing the relationship between community incarceration rates and cardiometabolic risk profiles of non-incarcerated individuals, determining the impact of sex hormones on vascular regenerative potential in women, and analyzing the effect of positive psychosocial well-being on cardiovascular disease in African Americans. He is particularly interested in applying many of his research questions to individuals in Atlanta with HIV, a population increasingly at risk of early cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Topel likes to spend his free time with his wife, Erin; entertaining their dog; trying out new restaurants; and going to concerts. They also enjoy hiking and hope to explore the Southwest on their next vacation. He also enjoys sports–particularly soccer, basketball, and golf–and binge-watching TV shows.

Learn more about ECCRI, the CVRI, and the American Heart Association’s Strategically Focused Research Network on Health Disparities.


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