2016 Department of Medicine Distinction Award winners

Each distinction program is a voluntary educational program that enables residents to gain experience/expertise in a number of areas of their chosen interest. The distinction programs have been crafted and developed by key Department of Medicine faculty members, who serve as mentors to the residents and facilitate their success in navigating these specialized programs.

This year’s Distinction Award winners:

Quality Improvement

  • Anastasia-Stefania Alexopoulous, MD
  • James MacNamara, MD
  • Shiva Shirazi Zaman, MD

Global Health

  • Elisa Ignatius, MD
  • HeeEun Kang, MD
  • Farah Khan, MD
  • Amisha Mehta, MD
  • Abeer Memon, MD


  • Elizabeth Gilliams, MD
  • Elisa Ignatius, MD
  • Enoch Kotei, MD
  • Hachem Nasri, MD
  • Andrew Webster, MD

Inpatient Medicine

  • HeeEun Kang, MD
  • Pooja Kotadia, MD

Social Medicine

  • Erika Heard, MD


  • Anastasia-Stefania Alexopoulous, MD
  • Michel Corban, MD
  • Aaron Emmons, MD
  • Jonathan Gandhi, MD
  • James MacNamara, MD
  • Amar Mandalia, MD
  • Sara Markley, MD
  • Richard Ramonell, MD
  • Gopika Suraf, MD
  • Xiao Jing Wang, MD

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