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In honor of National Doctor’s Day (March 30), please join the Emory University Department of Medicine and the Emory University School of Medicine Recognitions Committee in congratulating this year’s nominees* in the Division of General Medicine and Geriatrics. We would also like to express our appreciation to every member of the primary care team for their hard work and commitment to Emory.


2016 Division of General Medicine Doctors’ Day nominees:


Angela Prakash Griffin, MD

“Dr. Griffin is very thorough with her examinations; she’s easy to talk to and answers your questions… She’s not in a rush to move on to the next patient—your time with her is exactly that.”


Anna Pham Kho, MD

“Dr. Kho follows up on patients’ conditions… She follows up on labs and makes sure her patients have the appropriate follow-up.”


Brenton Black, MD

“Dr. Black is excellent and caring with patients and goes above and beyond all the time… He’s always willing to assist staff members… He’s an excellent educator, inspires leadership for all levels, and is very approachable.”


David Lee Roberts, MD

“Dr. Roberts is a great doctor who teaches both students and nurse practitioners. He loves his patients, and they love him.”


Dipak Vashi, MD

“Dr. Vashi makes all of his patients a priority. The word ‘no’ is not in his vocabulary… He works tirelessly, never turns away a patient, and is dedicated to making sure each patient’s visit is complete, despite how long it may take.”


Elizabeth G. Billingsley, MD

“Dr. Billingsley is professional and thoughtful, and she cares about her patients.”


Frederick Turton, MD, MBA

“Dr. Turton empowers his staff members, inspires leadership, and is an important team leader.”


Hyun Cho-Steinberg, MD

“Dr. Cho-Steinberg looks at every detail of her patients’ cases and cares for her staff with love and compassion… She’s very knowledgeable and thorough… She has an innovative approach to medicine… She is extremely caring, hard-working, dedicated, and selfless.”


Jason Higdon, MD

“Dr. Higdon goes out of his way to develop a warm, personable relationship with the team, and he finds time to balance teaching his students and seeing a ton of patients … I don’t like to go to the doctor, and he makes me feel at ease. He is kind and cares about his patients—a rare quality these days.”


Jean H. Fiedler, MD

“Dr. Fiedler’s bedside manner is outstanding. She empathizes with situations and offers her availability outside the normal schedule to accommodate patients. She provides detailed explanations of treatment and reasons for tests. She is quick to respond when called.”


Jennifer J. Zreloff, MD

Dr. Zreloff is professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, and a great listener… She is always warm and encouraging. She fosters teamwork within the clinical team and self-governing/ownership among her patients… She’s a proven leader.”


Jerard S. Cranman, MD

“Dr. Cranman is very patient; has excellent knowledge; and is sensitive to the needs of his patients… He is a team player and a hard worker, and he loves what he does.”


Khurram Khan, MD

“Dr. Khan is very thorough when it comes to patient care. He is a good person and has a wonderful bedside manner. All the patients love him!”


Laura Brachman, MD

“Dr. Brachman is the best doctor you could have—she likes to get the job done and is very warm.”


Lesley Miller, MD

“Dr. Miller teaches young faculty, fellows, and residents, and he has cured more than 150 patients of their infections.”


Neil Winawer, MD

“Dr. Winawer is a staunch patient advocate and simply a spectacular clinician. He is invested, dedicated, and an amazingly impactful educator and mentor.”


Nicholas Church, MD

“Dr. Church’s commitment to a patient’s personalized plan of care is vetted through knowledge, research, and a wide professional perspective… I feel regarded, considered, and heard during every exam and consultation.”


Pamela D. Vohra-Khullar, MD

“Dr. Vohra-Khullar is very detailed with patients about their care… She is professional and has the ability to be flexible and give insight. She thoroughly reviews patients’ charts so that quality care can be provided.”


John R. Pittman, MD

“Dr. Pittman has consistently worked to optimize the students’ hospital experience and to improve didactics… He consistently collaborates with others to innovate and improve consistency with other parts of the curriculum, and he provides helpful feedback to faculty.”


Sally West, MD

“Dr. West is the most kind and genuinely caring physician I have ever had. She values my opinion, works with me to improve my health, and never rushes an appointment—she takes the time to really know her patients.”


Sanjay Khant, MD

“Dr. Khant takes the time to call his patients personally and speak with them about their concerns.”


Sharon Horesh Bergquist, MD

“Dr. Bergquist delivers excellent health care and is well liked by patients. She devotes quality time to medical students and colleagues… She always keeps me informed of my health issues. She’s very responsive to my questions, and her bedside manner is the best!”


Taylor R Graves, MD, MHS

“Dr. Graves provides exemplary care to our frailest and most at-risk seniors. He has a longstanding commitment to Emory and has practiced here for 20 years. He has an outstanding patient satisfaction record.”


Clyde Partin, Jr. MD, PhD

“Dr. Partin is always available to his patients and their families and listens to what they need… He is kind and caring, and he has an excellent bedside manner. He truly cares about his patients’ well-being and stays informed as to their progress.”


*The Emory Medicine Recognitions Committee is creating a special acknowledgement to honor the Emory doctors who were nominated by internal faculty and/or staff for their dedication to improving the health and well-being of our patients and community through the care they provide, the research they conduct, and/or their efforts to teach and inspire young doctors.


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