Staitieh uses research to benefit Ponce de Leon Center patients

Bashar Staitieh, MD

Bashar Staitieh, MD

Dr. Bashar Staitieh, who works in Dr. David Guidot’s laboratory on the Emory Clifton campus and sees patients at Grady, opened a special clinic for HIV-positive patients with pulmonary symptoms and/or diseases in late 2014. Since then, his clinic has helped many patients at Grady’s Ponce de Leon Center that may not otherwise have been able to visit the hospital.

Early in his career, Dr. Staitieh began focusing on how to improve immune function in animal and cell culture models of HIV. After conversations with Drs. Guidot, Greg Martin, Jeffrey Lennox, and Wendy Armstrong and others, Dr. Staitieh got the support needed to open a pulmonary clinic in the Ponce de Leon Center. The clinic allows Dr. Staitieh to continue his research efforts with a clinical focus. By opening the clinic at the Ponce de Leon Center, he has been able to provide easy access to specialized pulmonary care, coordinated under one roof, in conjunction with the patients’ primary care providers.

Dr. Guidot’s laboratory research focuses on the mechanisms by which chronic insults such as alcohol abuse and HIV infec-tion cause oxidative stress and render individuals susceptible to pneumonia and acute lung injury. The lab has received continuous funding from the NIH and VA.

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