Message from Dr. Johns: Emory Healthcare’s FY16-FY18 Strategic Plan goals

This message is sent on behalf of Michael M.E. Johns, MD, Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, President, CEO, and Chair of the Board, EHC

Dear Colleagues,

Over the past few weeks, it has been my pleasure to introduce the new Emory Healthcare FY16-FY18 Strategic Plan. This plan provides a clear path for our continued success and growth. In the last message, we reviewed three of the six goals. Today, I would like to highlight the other goals, along with some of the tactics we have identified to ensure they are realized.

Goal #4: Education destination of choice

We strive to be known as the destination of choice for interdisciplinary/inter-professional education and application to enhance our workforce and develop the scientific and health care leaders of the future.

Emory Healthcare has one of the country’s elite academic institutions serving as our academic partner. The teaching and research disciplines of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Public Health are embedded in the work we do, and our hospitals and clinics provide the physical space where classroom teaching and lab research come to life. We want students and researchers to come to Emory because the work they do now, and in the future, will help us deliver better care with better outcomes. We will continue to be an education destination of choice by doing the following:

  • Expanding learning opportunities in team-based care environments across the various EHC sites
  • Utilizing the knowledge and skills developed in our schools so that our care providers are equipped with the most current educational information
  • Increasing placements of Advanced Practice Professionals who are graduating from Emory programs in our primary care sites
  • Having patient safety and quality improvement training activities between inter-professional care teams, including physicians, nurses and trainees

Goal #5: Best place to work

Emory Healthcare wants to provide the best place to work, learn and grow by creating an inspiring work environment for individuals and teams to enable them to contribute to their highest level.

We are in the business of people; they are our greatest resource. We are a touch-industry and rely on our people to provide a caring, compassionate, safe environment for our patients and their families. That means we need to start by creating the right environment for you – our staff and physicians. We want you to be engaged and inspired when you come to work and proud to be part of Emory Healthcare. We want to be considered a Best Place to Work by our team members and those in the community. To do so, we commit to the following:

  • Determining key features in creating a Best Place to Work and developing a plan to achieve it
  • Continuing to improve physician and employee workflow optimization and EeMR functionality
  • Encouraging all employees to participate in Healthy Emory, including the Move More Challenge
  • Providing training and education on Care Transformation principles and the Pledge
  • Strengthening our recruitment programs to attract and retain our clinical workforce
  • Communicating effectively with you to reflect a culture of transparency

Goal #6: Strategic growth and investment

Emory Healthcare will develop the resources for strategic growth and investment through revenue enhancements, cost improvements and philanthropy.

Although we are a not-for-profit organization, we still need to be financially healthy so we may invest in our future. It takes substantial financial resources to have the right equipment, technology, IT infrastructure and staffing to provide our patients with the care they deserve and equip our teams with the tools they need to do their jobs. We also must be financially healthy to invest in our tripartite mission of teaching, research and care delivery so we may improve the health of the people we serve and train the next generation of caregivers. With the changes in health care reform, we have increased our efforts to perform our responsibilities as conscientious stewards of our financial resources. We need to focus even more on this, as well as find innovative ways to deliver cost-effective care and enhance our financial bottom line. We will grow financially by focusing on the following:

  • Decreasing the cost of care while maintaining optimal quality and safety to our patients and payers through our Value Acceleration Process. This is our value proposition.
  • Growing our differentiating programs to effectively increase revenue.
  • Fully implementing the financial strategic alignment model to enhance transparency and consistency across Emory Healthcare, the School of Medicine and the entire Woodruff Health Sciences Center.
  • Attracting philanthropy by first serving needs at the highest level and, therefore, offering a compelling investment to current and prospective donors.

I hope you have found the communications regarding our FY16-FY18 Strategic Plan to be helpful and insightful. Please visit the EHC intranet to review the past strategic plan messages and the FY16-FY18 Strategic Plan (note: you must be inside the VDT to access these links).

Thank you for your attention to this important plan for our future, and for the phenomenal work you do every day. If you have any questions or feedback for me, please send them to


Thank you,


Michael M.E. Johns, MD

Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, Emory University

President, CEO, and Chair of the Board, Emory Healthcare

1440 Clifton Rd., NE

Atlanta, GA 30322

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