2015 World Stem Cell Summit & RegMed Capital Conference


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The World Stem Cell Summit (WSCS15) is the flagship meeting of the international stem cell community. The Summit aims to accelerate the discovery and development of lifesaving cures and therapies, bringing global stakeholders together to solve global challenges.

December 10-12, 2015
Hyatt Regency
Atlanta, Georgia

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2015 World Stem Cell Summit

Please contact Alan Fernandez 1-650-759-8300 or alan@genpol.org if you have any questions.



The Summit Discovery track presents the latest scientific discoveries and trends coming from laboratories around the world. What are the long-term clinical implications? Some of the subject matter will include presentations relating to pluripotency, disease models, perinatal cells, adult stem cells, cancer cells, cord blood, gene therapy, immunotherapy, genomics, gene editing, screening and bioengineering. Consideration will be given to clinical product thinking at early discovery stages, with a focus on the initial product, manufacturing, standardization, safety and regulatory concerns.  It is not simply bench to bedside…but bench to industry to bedside.

  • Stem Cells and Translational Medicine – ALPHA Panel – Standing on the Precipice
  • Pluripotency and Differentiation
  • Curing Cancer – Spotlight on New Technologies and Breakthrough Discoveries
  • The Science of Microgravity – Stem Cells on the International Space Station
  • Perinatal Progress – Cord Blood, Placental Cells and Wharton’s Jelly
  • Growing Whole Organs & Universal Donor Tissue – Overcoming Bioengineering
  • Challenge
  • Stem Cell Science on the Frontier – Infertility and Mitochondrial Disease
  • Amnion-Derived Cells: New Potential for Healing
  • The Immunology Revolution- Breakthrough Discoveries
  • Cord Blood – Discovery and Clinical Advances
  • Tackling Neurological Disorders – Autism, Brain Injury & Disease
  • Advances in Gene Therapies


The RegMed Capital Conference (RMCC) is a co-located meeting included in the World Stem Cell Summit advancing investment and commercialization to accelerate cures. The RegMed Capital Conference explores the unlimited potential of the regenerative medicine and cell therapy industries, spurred by the revolutionary convergence of technologies. Through executive presentations, RMCC connects regenerative medicine companies to investors, bringing start-up angel capital and new money into the field. Investment bankers, analysts, IP experts, venture groups, angel networks, family funds, big biotech and pharma share best practices, strategic advice, investor insights, non-dilutive funding opportunities, economic development incentives and other critical information.

  • Company Presentations to Investors from 24+ Leading Industry Companies
  • Introduction to the Sector of “Living Drugs” and the Curative Industries
  • What Angel Investors Need to Know Before Investing in Life Sciences Start-Ups
  • Financing Options for RegMed Companies
  • Wall Street View: Insights from the Masters
  • The Business of Selling Cells
  • Investment Bankers and Venture Leaders Roundtable


The Innovation Showcase track presents the latest trends in innovative technologies, products and services advancing regenerative medicine. Topics include building and optimizing core laboratories, storage technology trends, cell manufacturing, CRO’s, CMO’s, cell culture, imaging, genomic analysis, robotics, data analysis and scientific computing. Additional focus on qualification, characterization and dose of products; defining quality systems to meet manufacturing, regulatory, clinical trial needs, specialized expertise, training and sharing data.

  • Blood & Tissue Banks- Essential Services for Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine (supported by BioBridge Global)
  • Roundtable Discussion – Core Laboratory Manager’s Best Practices
  • The Power of Gene Editing – Implications for the Future of Medicine
  • Cell Manufacturing Standards- Progress Report – 2 Sessions
  • Cryopreservation – First Step to Success in Research & Translation
  • Breakthroughs in Regenerative Engineering & Bioprocessing
  • Cell Culture – Assessing Defined Media or Xenogenic-free Culture
  • Working with CRO’s & CMO’s – Blueprints for Success
  • Progress in Disease Modeling
  • 3D Printing and Bio-fabrication
  • Regenerative Medicine Platform Resources


The Translation and Clinical Trials track showcases significant clinical trials from around the world, analyzing the pathways to the clinic and prospects for delivering treatments. The track will include discussions on overcoming regulatory obstacles and the role of patients. Some panels will be grouped around specific medical conditions. Other relevant issues include cell standardization, reimbursements, ethical issues, tech transfer and legal solutions. Additional focus on defining teams; transitioning from discovery to manufacturing to clinical testing; differences in regulations in various countries; defining safety, labeling, marketing, shipping and logistics planning; challenges in and managing shared data. Disease areas and medical conditions covered include neurological disease, cardiovascular, spinal cord injury, cancer, HIV/AIDS, aging and children’s neurological disorders.

  • Restoring Vision – Leading Discoveries and Clinical Trials
  • FDA Oversight in Regenerative Medicine:  What are the Options to Accelerating Translation?
  • Clinical Trials Using Large Animals & Non-human Primates
  • Leading Clinical Trials Utilizing Mesenchymal (Stem- Stromal-Signaling) Cells
  • Global Regulatory Affairs:  What Can We Learn from Other Countries to Accelerate the Safe Development of Regenerative Medicine?
  • The ISCT-RMF Regulatory Roundtable — Paving the Way for Cellular Therapies
  • Spinal Cord Injury and Neurological Disorders – Clinical Pathways
  • Diabetes Focus – Clinical Trials Update
  • Regenerative Medicine:  A New Era of Discovery and Innovation
  • Liebert Editor’s Panel
  • Exciting Clinical Readouts for 2016


The Regenerative Services track focuses on the emerging role of regenerative medicine in clinical practice. Presenting the “here and now”, panels will include discussions on reconstructive surgery, wound healing, orthopedic treatments, sports medicine and regenerative surgeries. Sessions will also be aimed at preparing clinicians and hospital administrators transitioning regenerative medicine into day-to-day medical practice. Patients are key stakeholders and panels will be focused on providing patients, and their families, with the tools to make informed decisions about future treatments. How the military is utilizing regenerative medicine in caring for wounded warriors and veterans’ care will also be highlighted.

  • Stem Cell Therapies Using Adipose Tissue from Fat Grafts to 3-D Cultures
  • The Use of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine in Face and Limb Transplants – Case Studies
  • The Use of Stem Cells in Sports Medicine : The Here and Now – Session 1
  • Currently Approved Adipose Tissue Cellular Therapies
  • Regenerative Medicine Applications in Orthopedics
  • Regenerative Medicine for Healing Wounded Warriors – From Funding Research
  • to the Clinical “Here and Now”
  • Plastic Surgeons – Clinical Update
  • Regenerative Medicine in Orthopedic Practice
  • Sports Medicine: Stem Cells in Competitive Athletics – Session 2
  • Training Physicians for Regenerative Medicine Practice


The Hot Topics & Future Trends track presents the “Future of a Biomedical Revolution” focusing on bold and innovative solutions and showcasing guru-visionaries and inspiring advocacy leaders. The track highlights headline-grabbing research and controversies. Also showcased will be emerging role of blood and tissue centers in regenerative medicine, model international collaborations, the development of top-flight academic interdisciplinary stem cell/regenerative medicine institutes, the critical unmet need for cell standardization, integrity of scientific progress and how insurance products will revolutionize the cell therapy and storage industries.

  • Road Maps for Reimbursement for Cell Therapies
  • The Lawyer’s Guide to Regenerative Medicine – Legal Issues and Practice Pointers
  • Stem Cells as a Tool for Combatting HIV/AIDS – Science and Patient Advocacy Perspectives
  • Frozen Zoo and Cloning the Mammoth
  • Consumer Protection – Questions “To Die For” – What to Ask Before Seeking Stem Cell Therapies
  • Major Cardiac Clinical Trials
  • Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Institutes – Forging Essential Internal and External Collaborations- a Roundtable Discussion
  • The Role of Patient Advocates in Effectively Engaging with Industry and Regulators
  • What Should We Prioritize to Overcome Risks and Challenges to Bring CAR-T Therapies to Practice?
  • Radiation!  Surviving Standard Medical Treatments, Space Travel and Nuclear Scenarios


The Ethics, Law and Society track includes topics like universal consents for research and clinical trials, technology transfer, intellectual property, comparative law; regulatory law; compliance with FTC, FDA, EMA, best practices for IRB’s and ESCRO committees, moratorium on modifying the human germline, right-to-try legislation and more.

  • The Great Debate – Should We Ban or Regulate Potentially Curative Technologies
  • that Modify the Human Germline?
  • Bioethics and the Future of Medicine – What We Learned from “Beings 2015”
  • The Wild World of Retractions – Inaccuracies, Mistakes and Misconduct
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) Best Practices
  • Stem Cell Research Oversight Committees (SCRO) – Ethical Guidelines and Best Practices
  • Mandatory Patent Law Update for Companies, Investors and Tech Transfer Offices
  • Public Health & Bio-Safety- CDC & Data
  • Engaging Student Involvement in the Field of Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine
  • Data, Privacy and the Genome – Impact on Regenerative Medicine
  • Humankind 2.0 – Extending the Human Lifespan
  • The Use of Non-Transplantable Donor Organs for Biomedical Research

Quotes about the 2015 World Stem Cell Summit & RegMed Capital Conference

“The RegMed conference and the WSCS  are really the best conferences I’ve ever attended: I think the main reason for this is because both Bernie and Alan convey a sense of congeniality, compassion and have a firm belief in Regenerative Medicine as a game changer for modern medicine. As a result, there’s a sense of commitment, excitement and sharing that runs through the conference, making it an open forum for learning and connecting.   I’ve also found the environment to be really knowledge rich…where I can get my mind around the leading edge science, technology and business developments and understand how they drive the RegMed Market…it’s hard to find that in such a welcoming environment where you can connect with others.”

Jane Andrews, Ph.D., Senior Consultant / Healthcare & Lifesciences, North America, Frost & Sullivan

“The World Stem Cell Summit is a meeting of the stem cell minds, bringing Policy, science, industry, advocates and clinicians together in a unique and powerful forum. The Summit is of great value to researchers by providing a context for stem cell science that is not found at other meetings. By uniting the key stakeholder groups, the Summit grounds research direction with an understanding of the strategies that will be most beneficial for developing stem cell-based therapeutics.”

Sally Temple,Ph.D., Scientific Director, Neural Stem Cell Institute

“The World Stem Cell Summit is a meeting of the stem cell minds, bringing Policy, science, industry, advocates and clinicians together in a unique and powerful forum. The Summit is of great value to researchers by providing a context for stem cell science that is not found at other meetings. By uniting the key stakeholder groups, the Summit grounds research direction with an understanding of the strategies that will be most beneficial for developing stem cell-based therapeutics.”

Sally Temple,Ph.D., Scientific Director, Neural Stem Cell Institute

“Mayo Clinic has embraced regenerative medicine as a strategic investment in the future of healthcare. To this end, the Mayo Clinic Center for Regenerative Medicine has been established as a catalyst to advance new knowledge on disease causes and cures into informed delivery of quality care. The World Stem Cell Summit brings together the regenerative medicine community, and sets the stage for global collaboration. Our team at Mayo Clinic is honored to lead it as an organizer again this year.”

Dr. Andre Terzic, Center for Regenerative Medicine, Mayo Clinic

The 2015 Summit Organizing Partners are: Genetics Policy Institute /Regenerative Medicine Foundation (GPI Mayo Clinic, Kyoto University Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS), BioBridge Global, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Georgia Center for Regenerative Engineering & Medicine (REM) and New York Stem Cell Foundation.