A Day in the Life of an Emory Internal Medicine Resident

Emory residents Deep Shah, MD; Cameron Body, MD; Richard Ramonell, MD; and Jancy Mathew, MD describe their day-to-day lives as residents in Emory’s internal medicine residency program.

“There are a few things I feel make a good, effective resident: medical knowledge; learning from your peers; learning from your upper residents; and learning from your attendings that have been here for years. In med school, you learn how to get all the information and what it means. In residency, you learn to put your learning into action.” — Emory internal medicine intern Jancy Mathew, MD.

Watch this short video to learn more.

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Emory’s J. Willis Hurst Internal Medicine Residency Program, led by program director
Lorenzo Di Francesco, MD, FACP, offers several residency training pathways, including:

Over the course of a residency training program, residents participate in a broadly based educational curriculum that emphasizes achieving complete competence in general internal medicine and allows for balanced experiences in all internal medicine subspecialties.

Emory University Department of Medicine residents train at four Emory-affiliated teaching hospitals:

Each hospital has a different patient population and case mix that offer trainees a distinctive training experience.