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3/21/17: Sickle Cell: A Forgotten Disease Remembered (McLemore)

3/14/17: Dementia Prevalence and the Internist (Goodman/Wingo)

3/7/17: Health Information Technology: Has Its Adoption Been Worth It? (Kazi)

2/28/17: Does Hospital Design Matter?: The Built Environment and Health Care-Associated Infections (Steinberg)

2/21/17: Clinical Genetic Testing in the Era of Next Generation Sequencing: Implications for Adult Medicine (Vengoechea)

2/14/17: Cardiac Arrest and Percutaneous Mechanical Circulatory Support for Cardiogenic Shock (Group presentation)

2/7/17: The Management of Lupus Nephritis: A Nephrologist’s Perspective (Rovin)

1/31/17: Socratic Dialogue about Patient with Exertional Dyspnea (Group presentation)

1/24/17: CPC: Short of Breath & Short of Bowel (Staloch/del Rio)

1/17/17: The History of Interventional Cardiology (King)

1/10/17: It’s Not What You Think (Wiese)

12/13/16: Evolving Treatments for Systemic Amyloidosis (Dember)

11/29/16: A 33-year-old man with HIV, fever, and rash (Group presentation)

11/22/16: Update on ANCA-Associated Vasculitis (Tiliakos)

11/15/16: Microbiome Manipulation to Treat (or Prevent) Infections (Kraft/Neish)

11/8/16: Bad Pancreatitis is Bad (Wilcox)

11/1/16: Effects of Acromegaly on Calcium and Bone Metabolism (Ioachimescu)

10/25/16: A Tale of Two Brains: Rekindling the Artist Within (Mangione)

10/18/16: Hard to Swallow: Dysphagia, Aspiration Syndromes, and Tube-Feeding Decisions (Von)

10/11/16: Partnering for Patient Safety (Murphy & Spell)

10/4/16: Innovation in Transplantation: Improving Outcomes (Pearson)

9/27/16: New and Novel Therapies in IBD 2016 (Cohen)

9/20/16: Stress Cardiomyopathy (Mehta)

6/14/16: So A Pregnant Woman Walks into My Office (Clowse)

6/7/16: Reform for Caring for Dependent Elders (Lynn)

5/24/16: An Internist’s Guide to Gun Violence Solutions (George)

5/17/16: Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia: Common Conundrums and Clinical Pearls (group presentation)

5/10/16: Diabetic Kidney Disease: Something Old and Something New (Susztak)

5/3/16: Atrial Fibrillation: A Guide for the Non-Electrophysiologist (León)

4/19/16: Update on perioperative medical consultation: Risk assessment and anticoagulation (Hunt)

4/12/16: Occam’s Razor and Hickam’s Dictum: A case of acute leg weakness in a previously healthy male (group presentation)

4/5/16: From Bench to Bedside and Back Again: Statin-Associated Autoimmune Myopathy and the Anti-HMGCR Autoantibody Story (Christopher-Stine)

3/29/16: HIV-related Lung Disease: Where are we in the era of ART? (Cribbs)

3/15/16: Zika, Chik and Dengue: Re-emerging Enemies and the Battle Against Them (Kozarsky and Mulligan)

3/8/16: Cirrhosis Care: Advancements and Unmet Needs (Reddy)

3/1/16: Advances in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (Arellano)

2/23/16: Leading on Behalf of an Aging Society (Medina-Walpole)

2/16/16: Where Does All the Diabetes Come From? (Thule)

2/9/16: Why Emory is a Leader in Mood Disorders Research (Rapaport)

2/2/16: Metabolic Syndrome and Colorectal Cancer (Siddiqui)

1/26/16: CardioRenal Syndrome within ESRD Populations: Role of Retained Products of Uremia and the Development of Post-Dialysis Arrhythmias (Tumlin)

1/19/16: Update in Hospital Medicine (Dressler and Smith)

1/12/16: The Current and Future State of Medical Education (Aagaard)

1/5/16: Updates in Cardiology (group presentation)

12/15/15: Natural-Born Killers: An Interesting Case of Fever and Facial Swelling (group presentation)

12/8/15: Frailty Assessment for Improved Clinical Decision-Making (Johnson)

11/24/15: Medical Decision-Making in Stressful Situations: A Personal Perspective (Guidot)

11/17/15: Internal Medicine in 2015: A National Perspective (Weinberger)

11/10/15: Prediction and Prodrome: The Ethics of Medicine as a Risk-Management System (Wolpe)

11/3/15: Adapting Simone’s Maxims: Academic Advancement and Career Satisfaction as a Clinician Educator (Schulman)

10/27/15: ID for the Internist: A 2015 Update (Lahiri, Rouphael & Reddy)

10/20/15: The NIH: Undiagnosed Diseases Program and Network (Gahl)

10/6/15: Advances in Extracorporeal Liver Support (Subramanian)

9/29/15: Goodpasture’s Disease: A Window into the Mysteries of Diabetic Nephropathy (Hudson)

9/22/15: CMS Innovation and Health Care Delivery System Reform (Conway)

9/15/15: Diagnosis and Management of Osteoporosis: News and Controversies (Pacifici)