EHC to preserve acute care hospital certificate of need in Cobb County

This message is sent on behalf of Dane Peterson, Emory Healthcare Hospital Group President, EHC

Dear Team EHC,

I am pleased to announce that Emory Healthcare plans to preserve an acute care hospital Certificate of Need (CON) in Cobb County. As a reminder, last year, Emory-Adventist Hospital in Cobb County closed, and Emory Healthcare purchased the land and buildings this past April. The preservation of the CON attached to this closed facility requires us to open a limited service, two-bed hospital – much like we did in Tucker before EUOSH was opened. As a two-bed hospital, we will provide only very basic and specific care and will not have an Emergency Department. Over the next few months, we will be working to finalize decisions on the ultimate programmatic uses for this location.

I want to thank Dan Owens, CEO, EUHM, and the multidisciplinary team led by June Connor, CNO/COO, EUOSH, and Shannon Kowall, Sr. Manager, for the guidance and leadership they have already committed to overseeing this project, and to the many of you who are lending your expertise and skills to the successful preservation of this CON.

I will update you as soon as possible on the progress of this new opportunity and look forward to soliciting your feedback and input.

Thank you,
Dane Peterson
Emory Healthcare Hospital Group President