2015 Residency and Fellowship Education Awards

Congratulations to this year’s Department of Medicine residency and fellowship Education Award recipients! Check out photos from 2015 Celebratory Grand Rounds on Facebook.


Outstanding Fellow Award

• Stephen Berger, MD – Digestive Diseases
• Frank Corrigan, MD – Cardiology
• Akram Ibrahim, MD – Cardiology
• Charlotte Paige Rolle, MD – Infectious Diseases
• Tany Thaniyavarn, MD – Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
• Bjoern Toennes, MD – Cardiology

Ambulatory Award
The Ambulatory Award is based on a faculty vote on the outpatient doctors who best demonstrate excellence in patient care and professionalism.

• John Elliott, MD – PGY 1
• Anastasia-Stephania Alexopoulos, MD – PGY 2
• Jennifer Brandt, MD – PGY 3

Resident Achievement Award
The Resident Achievement Award was developed to acknowledge overall excellence in doctoring. It is based on an anonymous peer vote by approximately 200 residents as well as input from the residency program leadership.

• John Elliott, MD – PGY 1
• Mayur Mody, MD – PGY 1
• Tyler Peck, MD – PGY 1
• Jeff Hedley, MD – PGY 2
• Deep Shah, MD – PGY 2
• Andrew Webster, MD – PGY 2
• Lucas Golub, MD – PGY 3
• Victor Tseng, MD – PGY 3
• Taylor Lebeis, MD – PGY 3
• Andrew Ip, MD – PGY 3

Citizenship Award
The Citizenship Award recognizes excellence in character, reliability, and moral integrity as voted by the 2014-2015 chief residents.

• Mayur Mody, MD – PGY 1
• Kristine Vanijcharoenkarn, MD – PGY 1
• Emma Johns, MD – PGY 2
• Richard Romonell, MD – PGY 2
• Mikhail Akbashev, MD – PGY 3
• Katie Tipton, MD – PGY 3

Distinction Awards
Each distinction program is a voluntary educational program that enables residents to gain experience in a number of areas within their chosen interest. The distinction programs have been crafted and developed by key departmental faculty members, who serve as mentors to the residents and facilitate their success in navigating these specialized programs.

Global Health
• Patrick Hall, MD
• Paul Reynolds, MD
• Jennifer Spicer, MD
• Rekha Thammana, MD

• Matthew Dudgeon, MD
• Christopher Garnett, MD
• Robert Paul McClung, MD
• Sara Turbow, MD

Inpatient Medicine
• Blake Anderson, MD
• Erin Lundberg, MD
• Heval Mohamed Kelli, MD

Medical Informatics
• Blake Anderson, MD
• Lucus Golub, MD

Quality Improvement
• Andrew Ip, MD
• Erin Lundberg, MD
• Rekha Thammana, MD

Social Medicine
• Aaron Gluth, MD
• Heval Mohamed Kelli, MD

• Mikhail Akbashev, MD
• Lucas Golub, MD
• Andrew Ip, MD
• Abhinav Koul, MD
• Daniel Molloy, MD
• Samantha Shams, MD
• Jennifer Spicer, MD
• Sara Turbow, MD

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